Miami Top Cleaning Case Study

How We Helped Miami Top Cleaning Achieve a Remarkable 164% Increase in Organic Traffic and an Impressive 118% Rise in Monthly Email Submissions in Just 12 Months.

Miami Top Cleaning had a goal to become highly visible in the cleaning services market in Miami. However, they faced a challenge with their low domain authority. To tackle this, Local SEO Lab stepped in and designed their website while providing comprehensive SEO services. As a result, their rankings and leads experienced a significant boost.

Key takeaways

  • +118% Form submissions & calls increase in 12 months.
  • +164.71% Organic search traffic increase in 12 months.
  • +294.24% Ranking organic keywords increase in 12 months.
  • 12 months Campaign duration.


Miami Top Cleaning, located in downtown Miami, is a well-regarded company specializing in commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

What Local SEO Lab provided

  • SEO strategy and content
  • Website Design


Starting from scratch: Miami Top Cleaning started from the very beginning with a goal to rank on the first page for the search term “Cleaning Services Miami.” However, they faced a hurdle as their domain had no previous reputation or history.

PPC Targeted: All the visitors to their website came from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, which could be quite expensive.

Keyword rankings stuck on page #2: In the first few months, we build quality links and published topical content but were stuck in #12 for the keyword “Cleaning Services Miami”


Identified the user intent: We found out that most people searching for the main keyword “Cleaning Services Miami” were specifically looking for household cleaning services.

Re-optimized and restructured the homepage: As the client focused on commercial services, we made changes to their homepage to better align with their business. We optimized and restructured it using a more relevant keyword, “Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Miami.”


  • +118% Email submissions: +118% Email submissions increase in 12 months
  • +164.71% Organic search traffic: +164.71% Organic search traffic increase in 12 months
  • +294.24% Ranking organic keywords: +294.24% Ranking organic keywords increase in 12 months

As soon as we re-optimized the homepage, we saw an increase in organic traffic, and broke through into page 1 for two important keywords: “Commercial Cleaning Miami”

commercial cleaning services miami

And “Janitorial Services Miami”:

Janitorial Services Miami

We further helped Miami Top Cleaning rank on Google for relevant business keywords such as Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, etc.

Here’s an Ahrefs rank tracking screenshot showing our keyword jumps:

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services

Email submissions: +118% in 12 months

We began at an average of around 11 submissions per month and that number doubled to around 24 submissions per month in a year!

Email submissions 118 in 12 months

Organic search traffic: +164.71% in 12 months

Organic search traffic 164.71 in 12 months

The website now ranks for 62 keywords in the top 3 compared with 6 keywords a year ago. And mind you, all the keywords drove relevant traffic for their business.

Ranking organic keywords 294.24 in 12 months
Ranking organic keywords 294.24 in 12 months 2
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