Citation Audit & Clean up will Skyrocket Your Local Visibility

When to Consider Manual Citation Cleanup

Consider a cleanup service if you see any of the following:


Action Needed

Complete Citation Cleanup Service Now With Free Manual Audit

Improving Local Rankings

Accurate citations can boost your visibility in local search results.

Greater Online Visibility

Increased citations on reputable sites can enhance your online presence.

Increased Website Traffic

Better local rankings can lead to more website visits and inquiries.

Ensuring Consistency

Auditing your citations helps maintain consistent NAP information across different platforms.

Enhanced Reputation

Consistent and accurate citations build trust with both search engines and potential customers.

Citation Audit & Repair Pricing

At just 199$

How Do Our Citations Audit & Cleanup Services bring results?

Using a citation cleanup service, your business can become a star! It’s like cleaning up your room, so everything looks neat when friends come over. Good citations can help you:
  • Be seen more in local searches.
  • Get more visits from customers.
  • Build trust with correct info.
  • Outshine competitors with messy citations.

Step one

Outreach Efforts

Most of the time, you don’t find the login access for your existing listings. Additionally, some listings may have been automatically generated by data aggregation services.
These situations become challenging to find and sort out the irrelevancies both. Thankfully, our experts tackle these issues daily.
We’ve developed a reliable process for systematically reaching out to each directory Cleanup te that displays inaccurate information.

Step Two

Updating Listings

Once we reach out to the websites and directories and they respond, our specialists take action on behalf of our client.
Turns out, we can ensure that the business information is promptly and accurately updated.
This process often requires sending several emails, which must be sent from our Client’s Local business Webmail.

Step Three

Final Verification

Completing a citation cleanup effort entails a comprehensive review process. We always look for perfection. For example, we re-examine each submission to confirm that the modifications have been accurately reflected on the respective websites.

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Real-Life Success Stories

Many businesses have seen big changes after a cleanup with Local SEO Lab! Here are a few stories:
  • A coffee shop once hard to find online is now buzzing with customers.
  • A toy store’s sales soared when their citations were fixed.
  • A Flatbed logistics company gets more calls and business
  • A pet groomer got more furry friends to pamper thanks to accurate listings.

Have Any Questions?

Talk to one of our experts to come up with a strategy that works best for your local business and your company for free!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Local Seo Citation Cleanup Service

A local SEO citation cleanup involves correcting inaccuracies in your business listings across various directories to enhance local search rankings.
Accurate citations build credibility with search engines. Alternatively, wrong citations will harm your local business ranking. For that, cleaning up faulty citations is indeed important!
Regular audits, ideally bi-annually, ensure citation accuracy and help maintain high local search rankings for your business.
Yes, inconsistencies in citations can confuse search engines and potentially harm your business’s local ranking and online reputation.
A manual citation cleanup involves meticulously auditing and rectifying inaccuracies or inconsistencies in business listings across various directories to enhance local SEO.
Automatic solutions can miss nuances and errors that a detailed human review process will catch, ensuring precision in your local business citations.
By correcting listings, a cleanup service removes duplicate or incorrect information, which boosts search engine trust and your business’s local search rankings.
Absolutely, many services specialize in bulk citation cleanup, efficiently managing large volumes of listings across multiple directories and platforms.
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