Local SEO Lab Cloud Stacking for Your Local SERP Growth

Do you have fresh web pages or sites but do not bring the charm with common Local SEO practices? Then Our Cloud Stacking can bring your luck!
We upload HTML pages to cloud services and dominate your Local SERP Rankings!

Why Choose our Cloud Stacking service?

Loca SEO Lab has a team of expert cloud engineers who can tackle Amazon S3, Azure, & Google cloud.
We know the best practices of cloud stacking SEO that will obtain influential performance. Turns out, you can see your local ranking higher than before.
Cloud stacking is a different method to manual follow link building because you create whole new websites from scratch. This is like how people used to make websites before WordPress came along, using HTML. To start, get a tool that can edit HTML, like Sublime Text.
Next, find free website designs by searching “free HTML templates” on Google. Choose one you like, save it to your computer, and then use your HTML editor to customise it.
Local SEO Lab outline for the cloud stacking procedure (The Demo Process to understand)

Getting started with this process may seem intimidating if you're a beginner. Even I was hesitant to begin due to the complex technical aspects involved. To simplify things for you, I have created an outline of the essential steps required to start:

  1. Register for AmazonS3 web hosting.
  2. Form a bucket (this is ththemterm used for their main folders).
  3. Discover a free HTML template on the internet and modify it.
  4. Write content and ine it into your HTML template.
  5. Add a hyperlink to your website within the HTML template.
  6. Get the HTML template uploaded into your bucket.
  7. Create additional HTML files and upload them onto Amazon.
  8. For those who are advanced, register for more hosting services,consideredMicrosoft Azure, and repeat it again.
I can tell you from personal experience when I say that setting up your AmazonS3 account is the most difficult hurdle to overcome, but once you have it, creating your first HTML website should be a breeze.

Is Cloud Stacking considers as strong backlinks

One big reason we all try to get backlinks for our websites is because they help us rank higher. The more links, the better, especially if they are strong links.
As SEOs, we usually spend a lot of time manually creating do follow backlinks.
This may be an effective strategy, but it might not be the best one when your website falls into a competing niche.
That’s where your link building campaigns can benefit from the use of cloud stacking.
The links that you get from this method are much more powerful than the usual do follow links you create.

How Do We get started with Cloud stacking – sign up with Amazon S3 and create bucket

To get started, you will need a hosting account. I suggest using AmazonS3 as they are user-friendly.
To create a free account, click the following link: https://aws.amazon.com/free/.
While signing up, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details, but rest assured, I have been using Amazon for more than two years without any charges.
After signing in, locate the link to S3 and begin creating your buckets.
Yes, Local SEO lab confirms the page indexing process since we come up with a strong technical team. We have tons of indexing output for our clients as well.
Afterwards, the technical process, having quality content is crucial.
Google is aware that many SEOs use Amazon S3 hosting to build powerful web pages. To ensure your pages get indexed, it’s important to make them look like real web pages. Here’s an example I created:
You can either create good content on your own or hire a copywriter to do it for you. This will greatly improve the likelihood of your page getting indexed multiple times.
After completing the creation of your HTML page containing all the necessary content, you can proceed to upload it onto AmazonS3. Upon checking the URL, you’ll notice that it contains “amazonaws.com” as part of the domain name.
This means your webpage is hosted on a real subdomain of the highly authoritative Amazon domain. Even though it’s a subdomain, this unique URL structure alone gives your pages a great deal of authority for free.
After uploading your webpage and signing up a new domain, your page authority would start at 1.Yet, using the example URL I shared earlier, I kick off with a Page Authority of 45. Think about the potential power if you create 10 or 20 pages like this…
You have complete control over the content of these HTML pages since you created them yourself. This allows you to include your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), business details, and links to your Google My Business profile and website.
Moreover, you can embed various elements like Google Maps, YouTube videos, Twitter moments, and whatever else you choose to embed.
This method to craft “citations” offers a highly effective way of generating backlinks to enhance your local SEO rankings..
Numerous hosting providers offer the capability to leverage their domain authority for your HTML websites. Here are the ones I personally use:
  1. Amazon S3
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google Cloud
I shed some light on the concept of cloud stacking SEO. Since a non-technical local business owner like you won’t understand so let’s get started with a free consultancy. We don’t bother, if you won’t take our service afterwards.
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