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Bring visibility of your GMB and Get 10x more calls with us in the next 3 to 5 months!

Local seo lab has been helping almost 500+ local businesses across the world. 

We have a team of GBP experts who will deal with your headache and bring on the right keyword for your business. 

A free discovery call or meeting and speak to our local SEO expert to learn more!

Our Google Business Management services at a glance

GMB brings the maximum number of business calls from Google. Turns out, it is the fuel of your business. 

Local SEO lab tries the best at different levels of SEO optimization over the months. Since SEO is not a one-shot game or process and it improves gradually therefore, we work from the scratch. 

Here some key takeaways of our GMB management services: 

  • Update all GBP scorecards
  • Publish weekly/monthly posts on GMB
  • Manage and audit Nap
  • Take more reviews
  • Always cautious for GMB suspension
  • Add media (photos/videos)
  • Competitor spam sweep
  • On-demand client reporting dashboard creation

Here’s how our Google My Business Management Service works:

  1. Tell us about your location using the GMB form.
  2. We check your profile to see how it’s doing.
  3. We make a plan to make your profile better.
  4. We update and improve your Google listing.
  5. We keep managing and promoting your profile every month.
  6. Your business will grow with more traffic and revenue.

And a lot more! It depends on our Client’s requirements and we are all ears to them. 

Start from now!

Why Choose Our GMB Management Service?

1. Comprehensive Profile Optimization

Your GMB profile is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. Our team meticulously optimizes every aspect of your profile—from your business description, categories, and services to high-quality photos and videos—ensuring you make the best first impression.

2. Accurate and Up-to-Date Information

We ensure your business information is always current, from opening hours and location to service offerings and contact details. Accurate information is key to customer trust and satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Engagement

Engaging with your customers is crucial. We manage all aspects of customer interaction on your GMB profile, including responding to reviews and questions promptly and professionally. This not only boosts your reputation but also encourages more positive reviews.

4. Strategic Use of Posts and Updates

Stay top of mind with regular posts and updates on your GMB profile. Whether it’s promoting a special offer, sharing news, or highlighting a customer favorite, our strategic approach ensures your business captures attention and drives action.

5. Detailed Performance Analytics

Knowledge is power. Our service provides you with detailed analytics on your GMB performance, including insights into customer interactions, profile views, and the effectiveness of your posts and updates. This allows us to continuously refine and enhance your strategy for maximum impact.

Google My Business Management Service Reviews

“Since partnering with Local SEO Lab for our GMB management, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in our online visibility. Their dedicated team not only optimized our profile but also engaged with our customers, leading to a significant boost in positive reviews. Our foot traffic has increased, and we’re getting more calls than ever before. Highly recommend their services for any local business looking to stand out!” – Jamie, Owner of Jamie’s Café

“Local SEO Lab transformed our online presence. Their strategic approach to GMB management helped us rank higher in local searches, bringing in more clients to our salon. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in our success. The monthly analytics reports are a plus, giving us insights into our performance and areas for improvement. It’s been a game-changer for us.” – Carlos, Owner of Carlos’ Beauty Salon

“I was skeptical about the difference GMB management could make for my bookstore, but Local SEO Lab proved me wrong. Their meticulous optimization of our profile and proactive engagement strategies have made a visible difference in our online reputation and sales. Their service is comprehensive, effective, and tailored to our needs. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made for our business’s online growth.” – Samantha, Owner of Sam’s Bookstore

Google My Business Management Service FAQs 

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Google My Business (GMB) Management Service, based on common inquiries businesses might have:

What is a GMB Management Service?

A service that manages your Google My Business profile to enhance your local SEO, improve visibility, engage with customers, and track performance analytics.

How can GMB Management Service benefit my business?

It increases your visibility on Google searches and Maps, attracts more local customers, and improves your online reputation through accurate information and customer engagement.

What does GMB Management include?

Profile optimization, posting updates and offers, responding to reviews and questions, adding new products or services, and monitoring performance analytics.

How often should my GMB profile be updated?

Regular updates are crucial. The service typically includes weekly posts and timely updates of business information, ensuring your profile remains active and relevant.

Can GMB Management help with negative reviews?

Yes, part of the service involves professional responses to all reviews, including negative ones, to manage your reputation effectively.

Is GMB Management Service worth the investment for small businesses?

Absolutely. It’s especially beneficial for small businesses looking to increase local awareness and compete more effectively with larger companies.

How long does it take to see results from GMB Management?

Results can vary, but businesses often see improvements in visibility and customer engagement within the first few months of consistent management.

Flexible Commitment: Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not! Our services are offered on a flexible month-to-month basis, allowing you the freedom to choose how long you work with us. Despite this flexibility, we’re proud that many clients choose to stay with us for years, thanks to the quality of our service.

Pricing for Multiple Listings: What if I have several locations?

We provide discounts for businesses with multiple locations, offering up to 50% off for additional listings. For listings that might not require weekly unique posts, we have special discount rates. For detailed pricing, please reach out to us.

Content Approval Process: Can I review and suggest edits to posts?

Certainly! After the initial month, we’ll send you the upcoming posts for your approval. Your feedback is crucial, and we’re happy to edit content based on your suggestions. Once finalized, we schedule your posts for the entire month.

Setting Up a New Google Business Profile: What if I don’t have one?

If you’re new to Google Business Profile, we’ve got you covered. We will take care of claiming and verifying a new profile for you, which typically takes about two weeks, replacing our standard benchmarking and audit for existing profiles.

Monthly Service Cost: What’s the investment?

Our monthly service fee is $400 per profile. For businesses managing multiple locations, we offer customized pricing options to accommodate your needs. Contact us for more details on multi-location discounts.

Seeing Results: How soon can I expect them?

Results typically start to show within the first 30 days of our service, with continuous and significant improvements over the first six months or longer, depending on the competitive landscape of your industry and location.

Content Creation: Who is responsible for it?

Our dedicated US-based team, consisting of skilled designers and writers, creates all the content for your posts. While we welcome any content you wish to provide, our team is fully equipped to produce high-quality posts without additional resources.

Increasing Google Reviews: How can you assist?

We offer a Google Review kit to simplify the process of requesting reviews from your customers, promoting a culture of feedback. 

Additionally, for a small extra charge, our proprietary software tool can further enhance your review collection efforts. Our strategy focuses on SMS and email campaigns as the most effective methods, saving you from the discomfort of asking in person.

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