Car Rental Naples, FL Case Study

How we achieved 60+ Business Calls and 300% Organic Traffic for Car Rental Naples FL

Car Rental Naples FL Case Study

Client Background

Our client, Car Rental Naples FL, initially approached us for assistance in creating a landing page for Google Ads. However, after conducting a thorough market analysis, we identified the potential for long-term success through SEO rather than relying solely on paid advertising. With their approval, we designed and developed a new website, incorporating rental software to enhance the user experience and streamline the rental process.

Key takeaways

  • +60/monthly calls in 4 months.
  • +300% Organic search traffic increase in 4 months.
  • Approximately $240,000 worth of annual business calls
  • 4 months Campaign duration.
Calls from GMB

Local SEO Lab’s Offerings

  • SEO Strategy
  • Web Design


  • Starting from scratch: Car Rental Naples FL started from the very beginning with the goal of ranking on the first page for the search term “car rental naples fl.” However, they faced a hurdle as their domain had no previous reputation or history.
  • PPC Targeted: All the visitors to their website came from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, which could be quite expensive.

Market Research and Analysis

To devise an effective SEO strategy, we extensively researched the local car rental market, taking into account major nationwide competitors such as Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, and Dollar. Despite the dominance of these industry giants, we aimed to secure top rankings for our client’s targeted keywords.

SEO Strategy Development

1. Onsite and Technical Fixes:

  • Page Speed Optimization: We optimized the website’s mobile page speed, increasing it from 56 to 70, resulting in improved user experience and better search engine rankings.
  • Content and Meta Optimization: We meticulously optimized the content and meta tags on the target pages, focusing on relevance signals to enhance visibility in Google My Business (GMB) listings.
  • Internal Linking: To distribute authority throughout the website, we implemented an internal linking strategy, redirecting link juice from the homepage to the inner pages.
  • Advanced Schema: We utilized review and local business schema to enhance the website’s search engine visibility and provide additional information to users.

2. Link Profile Building:

  • Pillow Links: As part of our link building campaign, we started with basic pillow links to target the homepage. These initial links help new websites gain authority and escape the “sandbox” period. Whenever possible, we included the client’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information in the backlinks.
  • Guest Posts: We secured five guest posts with mixed anchor text pointing to the homepage, ensuring diversity in the link profile.
  • Local Citations: Leveraging niche-specific and influential local directories, we built powerful local citations, ensuring most of them were indexed. This played a crucial role in signaling the business’s authority to Google.
  • Web 2.0 Map Embed: This proved to be a vital part of our off-page SEO strategy. We strengthened the target page’s authority by creating niche-specific web 2.0 links that pointed to the map (CID+Shared link+Embed). We strategically included links to GMB from within the content, while also linking to citations and authority sites to ensure faster and sustained indexing.

3. GMB Optimization

Car Rental Naples FL - Case Study
  • Posts and Updates: We consistently published 5-6 posts per week, incorporating GEO-tagged images and relevant keywords to strengthen the main target keyword’s ranking.
  • Custom Maps: To enhance user experience and provide valuable information, we created custom maps, including directions to competitors, popular places, and, most importantly, airports.
  • Reviews and Replies: By encouraging customers to leave reviews mentioning relevant services and the brand name, we earned more authority. We diligently replied to reviews, maintaining a friendly and professional tone while referencing the specific services received.
  • Q/A: Setting ourselves apart from competitors, we answered all customer questions on the GMB listing. This interactive approach yielded significant improvements in search rankings and customer engagement.

4. Indexing of Links and Citations

We ensured that all links were crawled and indexed. Employing indexing tools and tiered linking strategies, we maintained regular crawling and indexing of the created links. Special emphasis was placed on indexing local citations, and utilizing guest posts for this purpose.

5. Social Media

 To create social signals and increase brand exposure, we promoted the car rental business on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others.

Campaign Outcomes

  • Monthly Average of 60-70 business calls generated from GMB and website.
  • Achieved high rankings for targeted non-branded and branded keywords.
  • Resulted in approximately $240,000 worth of annual business calls.
GMB overall Performance for Car Rental Naples FL
Keywords Performance for Car Rental Naples FL


Through careful research, strategic planning, and diligent implementation of various SEO techniques, we successfully elevated our client’s car rental business. By focusing on optimizing their website, building a diverse and authoritative link profile, leveraging Google My Business features, and utilizing social media channels, we not only boosted their online visibility but also generated valuable business leads. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of local SEO in driving growth and success for businesses.

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