how to get leads for skylight installation business

How to Get Leads for Skylight Installation Business

Getting more people interested in your skylight installation business is important if you want to grow and succeed. With the right strategies, excellent customer service, and a bit of creativity, you can attract and convert leads more effectively. Here’s a guide to help you do just that.

Getting leads only a few steps away from your grip, all you need to do is implement some digital marketing hacks, I’ve mentioned below: 

Get Skylight Business Installation leads from Local SEO

Local SEO is the number 1 priority for any small business owner.

But why?

If you have not either optimized your Local Skylight Business or taken a professional GMB management service then your client won’t find you from near me search results.

As a result, they will lose your business identity’s trust even though you are spending money on paid ads like social media, PPC, Email Marketing, and whatever.

So, follow the 3 key points:

Step 1: Set up Google My Business & Create a Seo-Friendly Website

Create and optimize your Google My Business profile. Make sure your business information, like address and phone number, is correct.

Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is like making sure your website is easy to find on Google. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the Right Keywords: Look for words that people might use when searching for skylight installation, like “skylight installation,” “roof windows,” or “energy-saving skylights.” Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to help you find these words.
  2. Use Keywords on Your Website: Put these keywords in your website’s content, including titles, headings, and descriptions. This helps search engines know what your site is about.
  3. Make Your Website Fast and Easy to Use: Ensure your site loads quickly, works well on phones and doesn’t have broken links. A good user experience keeps visitors around longer.

Step 2: Add Your Business to the Local Listings

List your business in local directories and online Yellow Pages. Consistent information across all platforms boosts your local SEO.

Step 3: Get Positive Reviews From your Happy Customers

Ask happy customers to leave positive reviews on Google and other sites. Good reviews enhance your reputation and attract new customers.

Step 4: Track and Improve Your Efforts on Local Business Organic Visitors

Data is the most valuable part of marketing. The more you can track them the better you can focus and utilize your lead-generation strategy

Keep an eye on how well your strategies are working and make improvements as needed.

  1. Use Analytics Tools: Tools like Google Analytics can help you track website traffic and user behavior. This data helps you refine your strategies.

See one of our Solar installation business data from a specific country (Australia)

They are installing solar panels throughout the Aussie region. The Looker Studio Visual Data lets my clients know from which locations they are getting the maximum clicks and visitors.

Apart from Analytics, you can integrate Google Data Studio which will visualize the demography of searches more precisely. 

The local SEO Lab team can proudly say that we have brought GMB Packs ranking for our Car Rental Naples Project

Create Useful SEO Optimized Content For Organic Traffic

Creating valuable content is a great way to attract potential customers.

  1. Write Blog Posts: Write articles about skylight installation, the benefits of natural light, and tips for maintaining skylights. Good articles show you know your stuff and can drive traffic to your site.
  2. Share Success Stories: Show examples of your past work through detailed stories. Highlight any problems you solved and how happy your customers were. This builds trust and shows you’re experienced.
  3. Make Videos and Tutorials: Create videos explaining the installation process, different types of skylights, and their benefits. Videos are engaging and can be shared on YouTube and social media.

Get Leads for Skylight Installation Business from Facebook Ads

Facebook is the place where most of the local customers are hanging around.

  1. Be Active on Social Media: Join FB groups where your targeted customers are hanging around. You can utilize all of the group members’ data like age, demography, interests, etc. Afterwards, you can run ads
  2. Run Paid Ads: Use targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach more people. Make sure your ads have compelling text and eye-catching images.
Get Leads for Skylight Installation Business from Facebook Ads

Here is a screenshot of an Instantly CRM that shows many matrices of running Meta Ads: 

  1. Optimized Facebook Page: Respond to comments and messages quickly. Engaging with your followers builds a community and can turn them into customers. You can create a custom message to your FB chat box so that, when you are not responding as a human the custom message will make your potential lead intake. 

Get Leads Via Email Marketing

Email marketing lets you directly reach potential customers and keep them updated about your services.

  1. Collect Email Addresses: Gather emails through forms on your website, social media, and events. Offer something in return, like free consultations or guides on skylight benefits.
  2. Segment Your List: Group your email list based on what people are interested in. Send tailored messages to different groups for better engagement.
  3. Send Regular Newsletters: Keep in touch with newsletters that share updates, special offers, and useful content. This keeps your business in people’s minds.

Build Partnerships and Network

Once the email marketing is done then start curating your leads by following up them and building a relationship.

  1. Partner with Contractors and Architects: Team up with local contractors, architects, and home builders. They can recommend your services to their clients.
  2. Join Industry Groups: Join trade associations related to home improvement. Networking in these groups can provide valuable leads.
  3. Attend Local Events: Participate in home shows, trade fairs, and community events. These are great opportunities to showcase your services.

Offer Special Deals

Special deals can attract new customers.

  1. Seasonal Discounts: Offer discounts during certain times of the year when people might be more interested in skylights.
  2. Referral Programs: Reward existing customers for referring new clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, and incentives can boost referrals.
  3. Package Deals: Create attractive packages that include installation, maintenance, and consultation services. These packages offer added value and can attract more customers.

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